9 Actionable Presentation Tips That’ll Make You Stand Out

This guest post was written by Clemence Lepers from PPTPOP.com, a blog that helps people like you to build crisp, compelling presentations that get your message across, impress and convert. Clemence’s tips also greatly apply to PowerPoint use in education from an ARCS Model, attention-grabbing perspective, which is why I am more than happy to share her tips. Thanks, Clemence!

Too many presentations are focused on pitching people unimportant details that won’t fix their problems or help them accomplish something they want to. Does that sound familiar to you? Read on. Most of slide decks are designed to generate leads, close deals, educate people or get them to make a decision. The best way to create effective presentations is to define your objectives, build a clear message and offer real value to your audience. Easier said than done, right?

To help you create great decks that stand out, I’ve created an infographic that breaks down the essential steps you need to take. Follow them, and you’ll be set to build a compelling, attention-grabbing presentation that resonates.


Don’t throw your arrows in the dark and always start with asking yourself: “What are my goals, what are my audience goals and how can it all go in the same direction?” Answer that question and you’ll be set to deliver good presentations that make sense and create value for your audience.


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