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Instructional Design Process That I Use

Instructional Design Process Jerry Dugan - New Page

Having a consistent process helps any instructor, facilitator, or public speaker create a lesson, workshop, or course that meets or exceeds the expectations of the audience.

I am sharing a diagram of the typical process I use when designing instruction or a presentation.

The core of the process is the A.D.D.I.E. Model, which stands for the following:

  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Evaluate

Interwoven in that model are the following pedagogy (learning theory), strategies, and other considerations:


Uploading Files for Bay Area Fellowship LifeGroups Leaders

baf-logoI spend a few hours every weekend as the curriculum developer for Bay Area Fellowship’s LifeGroups Ministry. That volunteer role entails listening to the sermon each weekend taking copious notes in Evernote on my Motorola Lapdock. My notes are then converted into a 3-point discussion that fits onto one page if printed. Posting the sermon study in a way that group leaders can download the appropriate file takes some work with HTML, but not much. I demonstrate the steps it takes to post a PDF file onto the curriculum page for Bay Area Fellowship’s LifeGroups Ministry.

In this video you will observe the following:

  • How to read HTML code and know where you are on a webpage
  • How to copy & paste HTML, then tailor the content to your needs
  • How to test your new link, spacing, font, etc.
  • How to insert additional breaks via HTML



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